Trading tools that are popular among traders because of their high liquidity and sufficient dynamics of price movements

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Ability to open a demo account. Free demo trading with real market quotes. Convenient account for beginners.

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Daily analytical reviews and forecasts for currencies, metals and CFDs. Accurate prediction of future price movements

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A wide range of suggested trading strategies. More than 60 trading strategies with detailed analysis on real examples

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Finansa has many achievements and strives for a high level of professionalism. The company has a rich history because it came a long way of development and improvement through various projects and programs. Finansa continues to grow, while helping customers solve problems timely.

Finansa was created to provide only effective methods to achieve financial prosperity and provide high-quality brokerage services to customers. Finansa provides online financial services.



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The speed of transactions and their profitability depend on the convenience of the program. The features of the program determine the capabilities of the trader in the market. We offer the most effective and widespread trading platform "WebTrader".
The convenience of the terminal and excellent functionality makes the WebTrader platform full-fledged for trading in the Forex market. The advantage of this platform is the use of technology for orders, including Instant Execution and Request Execution, as well as providing complete security for trading operations.

MQL4 programming language

This tool gives the user ability to create indicators, advisers, scripts and embed them in a personal account. Professional traders can write their own unique tools.

Application of various scripts

This allows you to fully automate the trading process. A trader can install the terminal on a VPS server, formalize his trading strategy in the form of a script and run this script in the terminal.

Copying transactions of other traders

You can use the trading platform to subscribe to the services of signal providers operating on the market. Thereafter, the terminal will trade on its own, repeating the supplier’s transactions.

Browsing News

It is worth mentioning the possibility of receiving the most important economic news feed directly in the terminal window. Thus, it is easier to focus on the current situation in the financial market.

Markets for Trading

The choice of a market depends on the trader. This is a fairly individual process and requires a little time. To determine the choice of the market, it is necessary to take into account its pros and cons. The level of income also depends on the choice of the market.


Forex is an international over-the-counter market and is precisely a virtual market. Traders can make transactions with currency from anywhere.


The stock market provides an opportunity for traders to trade through stocks pegged to multiple currencies.


When trading goods are used that imply basic raw materials. They are the basis for more significant goods or services.


An index refers to an investment portfolio or a portfolio of securities that functions as a protection against financial losses.

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We create comfortable conditions for online trading. Finansa helps traders to develop financially and learn how to invest without risk. Thanks to Finansa, the customer gains a high income.Finansa is an important participant in the trading process on the international financial market. Our company helps traders master online trading. We offer to independently download the trading terminal and make purchase or sale transactions. In fact, you can’t do without a brokerage company Finansa!

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We will help you easily and safely open a personal account. Thanks to the Finansa team, the process of opening an account will take several minutes. The novice trader has the opportunity to create a demo - account. The guarantee of confidentiality is provided at a high level. Choose Finansa for a long-term partnership!