Qiwi has Grown Amid Increased Risk Appetite

Export-dependent currencies, including the US Dollar, are supported by on positive economic indicators, according to the US-China trade front.
Pound sterling rose to $ 1.2849 by 0.15% after a statement by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to return to Parliament an agreement on leaving the EU before Christmas.
The Australian dollar increased in value to $ 0.6795 that is 0.15%.
The New Zealand dollar rose in price to 0.47% compared with the yen that is 69.88 and 0.25% to $ 0.6420 against the US dollar.
The US dollar rose 0.2% compared to the yen (108.86), while the euro fell to $ 1.1026, touching the peak of $ 1.1012 from November 14.
Chinese yuan has risen up to 7.0355.